Friday, July 9, 2010

Green Sharpie Stank

I scream and cry at the sight of all this evil,
Like an infant screams as it enters this cold world.
Where has your faith gone?
This generation has become one of the living dead;
Their bodies are alive yet they are dead.
They've fallen so deep into artificial love,
That they've begun to hate themselves,
This generation has become one of robots.

Look at the rose, there's nothing that can enhance its beauty.
Look at you with your make-up off, there's nothing ugly,
Why won't you believe me?
Beauty is not outward it's inward, is your heart beautiful?

If you think skin, blood, and bones are all there is,
Well you couldn't be more wrong.
When I say "your heart" I'm not talking about a valentine,
Nor one that pumps out blood,
But the one that is the home of what you love most.
Don;t settle for anything less than a palace,
And there's only one that makes your heart a palace,
I'm sure you've guessed it by now, the name is Jesus.
The one that makes you beautiful.

Leave this artificial beauty and love behind,
Leave it behind.