Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The cookie crumbles how?

So a pie man comes and asks me, "You want a piece of pie?" (in a French accent). I say, "Heck yes!". He then says, "Well here you go, how's that?". After I get done with a bite nomnomnom I speak these words: "Oh wow that's the most dandylicious piece of pie I've ever had! What kind is it?" The French pie man (as cool as he is) tricked me into eating some cake after I told him "No! I don't want cake I want your pie!!!" It was really good cake though.
What's up with me you ask? Well not a whole lot just school and stuff. Like this weekend one of my best friends named Rylee is coming to visit me and her boyfriend Tyler (who happens to be my best friend here). Don't even ask me how they met. Okay, well, I sorta hooked 'em up not thinking they would actually be bf and gf after a few weeks. I mean they have never even met so this Saturday will be their first time meeting face to face after being together for a month. Yeah! I'm psyched about them being together though because Rylee needs a good guy in her life and I believe Tyler is that man. Wow that sorta sounded gay but oh well I know I'm not (and never EVER will be!).
And the buzzer for the oven is going off right now and I don't have a clue why. Someone should go get whatever is in the oven and take it out before it catches on fire and we all burn to the bloody ground!!!! EXCLAMATION POINT!
I feel the need....the need for speed! Not really! I'm actually quite tired and it's not fun 'cause it has made me feel like cr*p *ll d*y. See what I did was take out the "a's" pshh yeah!
So my friend Lauren asks me to ask her if she was a tree, so I did and she replies "Pshh no!" had to have been there it was so funny the way she did it! So I've been doin' that to people all over the place when I remember it. Dang! That buzzer is still goin' off I should probably go 'cause I don't wanna burn to the bloody ground!!!
Peace out!