Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodmorning to all and to all a....

Goodmorning sunshine, the earth says hello!-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alice in Wonderland is coming out in just a few days and I am sooo excited! I saw that movie in theatres the day it came out and it was mother flippin' epic!
I now have a new favorite band: The Devil Wears Prada Assistant to the Regional Manager is one of my favorite songs from them.
I am going back to my home town June 11th and may be bringing a friend :D which would be saweet. I am totally still loving this amazing weather, thankyou God! So again I must quote the band Alesana from the song "Seduction" "Sunlight warms my face, only in drems of you..." Speaking of dreams, I had a weird one last night. It started with my friend Lexi and I on a two person bike and we were going down these amazingly steep hills (it was epic). Then at the bottom of the next t olast hill was this epic ramp and we hit it, all of a sudden we were in slow motion while in mid-air. The Devil Wears Prada started to play and I was singing it in mid-freakin'-air! TIGHT!!! Then I saw a chic on a unicycle like right next to us and she was singing the song too. We finally hit the ground and went back to the real world: with one last hill to go. So we bombed that hill and came to a stop, then we got off the bike and just walked on. It was an waesome dream, a weird one at that.
Peace to the out ya'll.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Send me sunshine!

Heyo! So, alot has gone on in the past weeks that I haven't blogged...haha that is just a fun word to say, blogged lol...I had a friend stay the night about 2 weeks ago and we had alot of fun, we played outside, played video games, watched a movie and did other things that I can't remember. Wait! If I can't remember the other things that we did, then how do I know that we did other things of which I can't remember? So on and so on. Yesterday I watched Superhero Movieand let me tell ya something, that movie is super funny! You just have to wacth it.
My Zune broke, so now I am going to get an iPod touch and be much happier with that because it rocks! My dad and I built a skate box for me, complete with a grinding edge and an 8 foot long span of wood to trick on then manual the whole thing (which I have already done :D). It is pretty mother flippin' awesome! I went to 2 new skateparks this past week both have now become my top 2 favorite parks that I have ever been to, except for the Skatepark of Tampa that one remains my absolute favorite. I am loving this sunshine and warmth! Can I get a woot woot!? ♫♪ Sunlight warms my face only in dreams of you... ♪♫ That line of the song "Seduction" from the band Alesana keeps going through my head all day today and I am okay with that.
Lexi, if you are reading this, have a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here We Go

Hi, Hello everyone! Some news for you today. I received the new As I Lay Dying cd in the mail yesterday - the day before it officially comes out!! YEA! I love the cd, I have listened to it 4 times already haha! It also came with an autographed booklet so that is freakin epic times a kujillion!!!!!!!!
I am pretty sure my skateboard is out to get me. First reason) it tried to kill me the past couple of days. Long story. It has no pop anymore so it doesn't get around fast enough and/or high enough. So, I have now ordered a new skateboard that lasts twice as long as a normal board and is reinforced with carbon fiber!! YAY!! Amazing pop in it and it is all-together EPIC!
What else? Oh yea! I got the new Skate.3 game and it flippin rawks! That is all for now my young padawons!! Peace out home fries!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Torpedo Sandwhiches, AHOY!

Torpedo sandwhiches from La Gondola are thee best sandwhiches that you will ever have! I swear to Billybobjoeflapjack, they are the freakin bomb! Anywho, the sun is finally out after like 2 or 3 days of raining. My grandparents are here visiting from my home town of Decatur, Illinios. I am psyched about that. As I Lay Dying's new CD should be arriving at my door step very soon, like in the next few days!!! Newsflash! Annoying Orange is really funny on youtube!
Food for thought: if someone is killing everyone in your family, how long will it be until they come after you? Just wondering.........because I love the movie Sherlock Holmes!!! Exclamation points are flippin epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What to say, what to say.....It's peanut butter jelly time! I'm a banana!!! Goodbye...for now. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lend me your ears!

I am super bored right now. Yesterday I had some friends over and we made an epically retarded video. First timers for parkour. For those of you who are like "What the cow is parkour?" I will now explain: ever heard of free-running? Well, parkour is the fancy name for it now. Since you know that I am fancy all the time......PSHHH!!! YEA RIGHT!
Blow my mind with your beauty my dear, because you are the one who brought me here. Wow, I literally just made that up. Pretty cool right? Maybe not.
My alergies, I swear, are going to kill me today. So if this is the last blog that I put up here, you know why. Since you know why, now you can put allergies all across the world under arrest! And we can all die by normal things, like getting run over by a big wind that suddenly rose up just so it could kill you with a blade of grass that went straight through your heart. That would be horrible! I think of way too many things in my spare time. I probably also said that because I have a tendancy to look at things and make up this weird (and sometimes painful) story. You are now warned, so live long and prosper my friends. Wow, for some one like me who doesn't really like Start Trek I sure do quote it alot. Hmmmm.....interesting. Your face! Goodnight and goodluck! Actually it's morning time so Goodmorning and....nothing comes to mind.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Prom and other things that have rocked my life in the past couple of days

First off, prom was epic! I loved it! Lexi and I danced the night away haha! It's hard to sum everything up into just words, but if I could, that word would be EPIC! Sunday, I went to her house for small group and we all played outside and I kinda rip-sticked but I still dislike those little things with a passion! Skateboarding is waaaaaaaay better in my opinion. I have been watching the Paramore Takeover on Fuse all day today! I love it! Next week is the As I Lay Dying/blessthefall/Demon Hunter/War of Ages concert and I hope I can still go! The new As I Lay Dying C.D. ships out to my house on May 6th and I am totally stoked about that!!! Mowed yesterday also.