Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lend me your ears!

I am super bored right now. Yesterday I had some friends over and we made an epically retarded video. First timers for parkour. For those of you who are like "What the cow is parkour?" I will now explain: ever heard of free-running? Well, parkour is the fancy name for it now. Since you know that I am fancy all the time......PSHHH!!! YEA RIGHT!
Blow my mind with your beauty my dear, because you are the one who brought me here. Wow, I literally just made that up. Pretty cool right? Maybe not.
My alergies, I swear, are going to kill me today. So if this is the last blog that I put up here, you know why. Since you know why, now you can put allergies all across the world under arrest! And we can all die by normal things, like getting run over by a big wind that suddenly rose up just so it could kill you with a blade of grass that went straight through your heart. That would be horrible! I think of way too many things in my spare time. I probably also said that because I have a tendancy to look at things and make up this weird (and sometimes painful) story. You are now warned, so live long and prosper my friends. Wow, for some one like me who doesn't really like Start Trek I sure do quote it alot. Hmmmm.....interesting. Your face! Goodnight and goodluck! Actually it's morning time so Goodmorning and....nothing comes to mind.