Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodmorning to all and to all a....

Goodmorning sunshine, the earth says hello!-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alice in Wonderland is coming out in just a few days and I am sooo excited! I saw that movie in theatres the day it came out and it was mother flippin' epic!
I now have a new favorite band: The Devil Wears Prada Assistant to the Regional Manager is one of my favorite songs from them.
I am going back to my home town June 11th and may be bringing a friend :D which would be saweet. I am totally still loving this amazing weather, thankyou God! So again I must quote the band Alesana from the song "Seduction" "Sunlight warms my face, only in drems of you..." Speaking of dreams, I had a weird one last night. It started with my friend Lexi and I on a two person bike and we were going down these amazingly steep hills (it was epic). Then at the bottom of the next t olast hill was this epic ramp and we hit it, all of a sudden we were in slow motion while in mid-air. The Devil Wears Prada started to play and I was singing it in mid-freakin'-air! TIGHT!!! Then I saw a chic on a unicycle like right next to us and she was singing the song too. We finally hit the ground and went back to the real world: with one last hill to go. So we bombed that hill and came to a stop, then we got off the bike and just walked on. It was an waesome dream, a weird one at that.
Peace to the out ya'll.

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