Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here We Go

Hi, Hello everyone! Some news for you today. I received the new As I Lay Dying cd in the mail yesterday - the day before it officially comes out!! YEA! I love the cd, I have listened to it 4 times already haha! It also came with an autographed booklet so that is freakin epic times a kujillion!!!!!!!!
I am pretty sure my skateboard is out to get me. First reason) it tried to kill me the past couple of days. Long story. It has no pop anymore so it doesn't get around fast enough and/or high enough. So, I have now ordered a new skateboard that lasts twice as long as a normal board and is reinforced with carbon fiber!! YAY!! Amazing pop in it and it is all-together EPIC!
What else? Oh yea! I got the new Skate.3 game and it flippin rawks! That is all for now my young padawons!! Peace out home fries!

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