Monday, May 3, 2010

Prom and other things that have rocked my life in the past couple of days

First off, prom was epic! I loved it! Lexi and I danced the night away haha! It's hard to sum everything up into just words, but if I could, that word would be EPIC! Sunday, I went to her house for small group and we all played outside and I kinda rip-sticked but I still dislike those little things with a passion! Skateboarding is waaaaaaaay better in my opinion. I have been watching the Paramore Takeover on Fuse all day today! I love it! Next week is the As I Lay Dying/blessthefall/Demon Hunter/War of Ages concert and I hope I can still go! The new As I Lay Dying C.D. ships out to my house on May 6th and I am totally stoked about that!!! Mowed yesterday also.

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