Wednesday, October 20, 2010

seriously? the cookie thing again?

omg! guess what! seriously guess! it has to be something random and if you are skipping reading this part then good for you cause it has nothing to do with anything at all! yeah! it is really cold outside and the the sun is not warming anything up even though it's out aah! Did you notice that i spelled "the" twice in that last sentence?
Did you just go see if I really did? Wow I wish my hands would warm up but they aren't so it makes me sad :( oh well. gah! school is going as good as school can go I guess. My band now has 3 songs! our latest one is called "Neon Glow" it has nothing to do with what the song is actually talking about but that is okay. I think the next song we are going to do is called "To Write Love On Her Arms" but we might change the name of it.
So what have you been doing? I don't really know you (hi, I'm Jacob *reaches out hand to shake*). Do you like rain? Do you like skittles?
Hold Cow on fire in a tornado! Yesterday I was skateboarding to the library to take back some things and there was a rock in the road that I didn't see and my skateboard went right out from under me and I fell. my knuckle is all bloody. stupid rocks! rocks are notorious for tripping up skaters and yesterday was the day that it happened to me...for the upteenth time!
Toy Story 3 comes out November 2nd!!! and I'm excited!! if you can't tell I'm a Toy Story fanatic but not like crazy. You and I should go see a movie! but I don;t know where you live and I don;t think there are any really good movies out right now but how would I know 'cause I do not keep up with the latest movies.
Hallo! Ich Liebe Dich Soviel!!! try translating that! it will be easy 'cause it's German.

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