Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DQ Blizzards Are Amazing

I am in the middle of a huge blizzard. There is no where to go. My birthday is in 4 days. Will I be able to even do anything for my birthday? Hopefully.

I like answering my own questions. You do? Yes, I do. FTW! means "For the Win!" which just might be my new band name. Yes, it is true I am already in The Conviction, however, I wanted to try something a little softer. So FTW just might be coming out soon. With me as the guitarist and possible singer; Zac Nelson as drummer; Braden Griman as bass player; and looking for a girl singer or a really good guy singer. It would be sweet to find someone who can play the ukulele!

In other news, I received my glasses just yesterday. It's a little weird getting used to them but they do help me see a lot better. Just heard that Owl City, blessthefall, and A Skylit Drive are all coming out with brand new C.D.s and from the singles I've heard from A Skylit Drive, their new album is gonna blow up the entire world because of it's awesomeness. Owl City, I have hopes for too just because Ocean Eyes was good, and the fact that the dude said that he likes how it sounds a lot helps me to believe that it is going to be good. Now blessthefall... I have no clue what to expect from them. I have very high hopes that their new C.D. will be just as good as "His Last Walk" and "Witness" but I have not heard any songs from it. Blessthefall will probably surprise the firetrucks out of me. Will it be a good surprise or a bad surprise? I just don't know.

I just ate some donuts and I must say that I am getting a little sick of them. I haven't had a donut in like 3 months but still, it's like we're eating very sweetened bread with sugar on top. Lots of sugar on top. I don't know, it was kind of disgusting as I was eating them after I thought about it.

Prom update. First one of the year since last prom. This year I plan on going with Lexi Hoffman again. This year she and I are gonna have a ton more fun too because I am going to get her to dance her head off! Last year I probably looked really retarded dancing but it's not about how you look, it's about having fun right?! So Lexi, look out! We are gonna dance our heads clean off!

School... School is good for the most part. Nothing special. Oh but I am in a play now. It is entitled "God Meant It For Good" and I am Levi in this play. I get a whole credit for doing nothing but having fun for an entire week! I'm doing this until I get out of highschool! I might be out of highschool next year though. Even though it is technically my Junior year next year, I only have like 10 or 12 credits left which will be really easy to get. The reason for it being super easy is because here we get 2 credits for each subject so that's 5-6 subjects! Which will be extremely easy to get done! I do not plan on going to college right out of highschool though because I wish to stay here or in my home town for a year, get a job, and save up all my money for an entire year then go to college in Chicago!

Well somewhere it's 5:00 and I am going to leave you with this. I Love You.... well maybe not you, but you oh yes I love you!

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