Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Like Oh My Gosh

I am in a particularly good mood this week. There seems to be multiple reasons for this. The major reason however is because of Laura. Every day my affection for her grows. I haven't seen her face to face in over a month and I am longing to be with her again but I don't need to see her to be happy. All she has to do is something as simple as texting me to put a smile on my face. God has blessed me so much to have a friend as good as Laura. She is definitely becoming my best friend as we get to know each other more and more. I pray to God every day that she would be the "one" and I am almost definitely sure that she is. She loves Jesus with all her heart which is very improtant to me. She meets all of my major things that I want in a wife (not things like I want her to love the movie Napoleon Dynamite because she doesn't). These things have been told to me from many married men and women, and I have over time come to accept some of them for myself. I have not accepted some of them too because those are personal for the people that have told me. I don't know if I am even making any sense anymore.

Other than me being over the top happy, what else has been going on? Well, I turned 16 on the 6th. Yes, my birthday was on the Super Bowl this year. I have to say though Super Bowl 45 was really stupid. Most of the commercials weren't funny at all. But they did have some REALLY funny ones. "It looks like a girl," best one by far! Half time show sucked though.

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