Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello everyone! Prom is next Saturday, and I just now got my clothes that I shall be wearing there. Black dress pants, black shirt, and white tie. Yes siree. Now I am putting all of my files back onto the computer because they were deleted...AH WELL! It's taking forever but it's all good. It is almost done now. I have a lot of rain heading towards me tonight and tomorrow. :( I bought Avatar and love it! I saw it in theaters but now I own it so I don't have to pay so much freakin money to watch it anymore! YES! I love God. I just felt like saying that. He is amazing. I am so blessed in this life. Thankyou God. Oh yea! I found a new drummer. He won state for best drummer so I really want to get him in my band. So yea... that's it.

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