Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Purple Flowers

Sooo today I have really noticed the purple flowers outside 1) because they have been growing like crazy!! and 2) my alergies have kicked-in. The grass is green and it is growing so that means mowing season is kicking-in also...blugh! But who doesn't love the smell of freshly mowed grass?...haha not me! One breathe and soon after follows a handfull of sneezes..ACHOO! Seriously, I just sneezed.
I am looking forward to this Sunday. My friend, Alex, is having his 16th birthday party. It shall be fun!
I am in the process of making a new skateboarding video which I will have on Facebook and Youtube soon enough :). The name is 'Mission: Skate or Die'. Epic, right? Well, you can disagree. I only had five minutes to come up with the name so don't blame me for the lameness... Anywho! I shall let you go now and continue with your life. Be gone...but please, come back soon!

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